Case study: Tax & legal notice management system

As design partners of Roca, a leading brand that sells premium bathroom products, we worked on the UI UX design of their tax and legal notice management system.  

About Roca

Roca, the iconic Spanish company is known for its luxurious and elegantly designed products and accessories for bathroom spaces. Headquartered in Barcelona, Roca’s business operations spread across 170 countries. Roca engaged Aufait UX to revamp the UI UX design of their  tax and legal notice management system.

The challenges

A key challenge Roca faced with their existing notice management system was the lack of centralized record management.  So Roca implemented a Sharepoint solution to address this through their internal processes. Reimagining the look and feel of traditional Sharepoint systems and focusing on usability and visual appeal were our key objectives. It was a heavy ordeal for Roca to organize and track large numbers of tax and legal notices they received from customers, distributors and factories. 

The solution

We captured the operational challenges and expectations of the key stakeholders in Roca. Gathering and analyzing the requirements helped us to design a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard with an appealing launchpad, organized home screen and well-structured inner screens. 

The home screen gives users an overview of the cases, upcoming and overdue hearings and recent activities in one view. We categorized the large volume of hearings month-wise under Upcoming hearings for ease of tracking, also giving users key information about each case like case number, hearing date and status in one glance. Overdue hearings were showcased in a separate card to bring it to users’ attention.

Case listings screen contains the list of all the cases with their details and gives users the options to add new cases and case status, search for cases and filter them. For each case, we designed a Detail view which gives the history of the case and allows users to add new hearing dates and edit the case status. This was very important for the system as most cases would take years and tracking and recording them properly was necessary for the organization. 

With a well-structured and organized notice management system, we helped Roca simplify their tax and legal processing. Our UX/UI design helped to enhance their legal compliance by reducing human errors and increased productivity through better and faster access to information for efficient management of records. 

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