1. Dashboard clean crm design erp figma figma design government minimal simple ui utilities ux web app web app design
    View Dashboard
  2. City homepage clean design homepage landing page minimal simple ux website
    View City homepage
    City homepage
  3. Login Page clean consumer dashboard design login design login page minimal provider dashboard simple simple login ux
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    Login Page
  4. Landing page design government government of india landing page landing page design smart city web design website design
    View Landing page design
    Landing page design
  5. Card views building management clean color design energy conservation energy management erp minimal property management simple ui ux
    View Card views
    Card views
  6. Concept Dashboard analytics charts clean color dashboard design erp erp dashboard erp system illustration minimal new requests numbers priority simple status ui ux
    View Concept Dashboard
    Concept Dashboard
  7. About page clean color design illustration minimal simple w web app design web design website
    View About page
    About page
  8. Property Management analytics charts clean design properties property management property management app ux
    View Property Management
    Property Management
  9. Real Estate Website clean color design interior design minimal real estate real estate website simple ui ux web design website design
    View Real Estate Website
    Real Estate Website
  10. E-commerce responsive clean color design e-commerce e-commerce mobile e-commerce responsive ecommerce minimal mobile design mobile shopping responsive shopping simple ui ux
    View E-commerce responsive
    E-commerce responsive
  11. Website Banner clean color design edtech educational educational website kids minimal simple ux web design website website design
    View Website Banner
    Website Banner
  12. News Website clean color dark theme design malayalam minimal news news channel news headlines news webiste simple ui ux videos
    View News Website
    News Website
  13. Website design 3d 3d illustration branding clean color design illustration minimal simple ui ux web design website website design
    View Website design
    Website design
  14. Farm Ecommerce agricultural e commerce agriculture clean color design e commerce ecommerce ecommerce design illustration minimal shopping simple ui ux
    View Farm Ecommerce
    Farm Ecommerce
  15. Farm to Home clean design ecommerce ecommerce design ecommerce platform ecommerce website fruits illustration organic simple vegetables web design website design
    View Farm to Home
    Farm to Home
  16. 404! 404 404 design 404 page not found 404 state animation bird illustration branding cardinal bird color design empty state error page illustration minimal page not found page not found design red bird ux
    View 404!
  17. Ecommerce App clean color design e-commerce ecommerce ecommerce app ecommerce mobile health supplements illustration minimal mobile ecommerce mobile shopping pastel pastel color pastel palette phone shopping shopping organic simple ui ux
    View Ecommerce App
    Ecommerce App
  18. Mobile Shopping branding clean color design ecommerce ecommerce mobile logo minimal mobile shopping product detail product listing shopping shopping mobile shopping ui simple ui ux
    View Mobile Shopping
    Mobile Shopping
  19. Mobile product detail clean design e-commerce ecommerce ecommerce product ecommerce product detail ecommerce product page mobile app online mobile shopping online shopping product detail product detail page product page simple simple product detail ux
    View Mobile product detail
    Mobile product detail
  20. Ecommerce Product Detail add to cart buy now clean delivery design e-commerce ecommerce ecommerce product page electrical product lights minimal product detail product detail design product detail page product page product page design productdetail simple ux
    View Ecommerce Product Detail
    Ecommerce Product Detail
  21. Landing page view design landing page minimal product landing product landing page simple ux web design website website design
    View Landing page view
    Landing page view
  22. Product Landing Page clean color design features green landing page minimal product landing page product page saas product simple ux web design website website design
    View Product Landing Page
    Product Landing Page
  23. Kanban View asset management clean color deals deals management design enterprise ux kanban kanban view kanbanview minimal simple ux ux design
    View Kanban View
    Kanban View
  24. Property Management App agent app app design clean design icons minimal mobile app mobile app design properties property management real estate simple ux
    View Property Management App
    Property Management App
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