Hello again👋🏀!

I come back to you with another project, an e-learning platform that I mentioned to you in the previous shot.

As a reminder

The website is an e-learning 📖 platform dedicated to lawyers.

The idea of the website is to broaden the knowledge of the law code, advice for lawyers and companies. The platform will contain lessons and guides in the form of videos. 📹

About the project

In the previous shot, I presented you a classic vision of such a platform. In this project, I focused on modernity and a less predictable design. ✨

How do you like this "yellow" solution? 🤔

3D objects 🧊

Of course, and in this project I added 3d elements - this time, however, less obvious, and yet allegorically related to the subject of law and judiciary.

Colors 🎨

Yellow and white with accents of gray were to enliven the project.

🟡Yellow was supposed to add energy, but also refer to noble values.

The platform will be used by, among others young people, so I wanted to depart from the classical understanding of the role of a lawyer and propose a different way of implementing this project. 🔥

Unconventional 🤯 approach to projects is something I like, so I would not be myself if I did not try to give a different tone to a project that seems to have no predisposition to it. Searching for new solutions and proposing unconventional projects is a good way to an interesting design. 😎

Full preview 👇

And how do you like this unusual design proposal for an e-learning platform for lawyers? Let me know! 😊

Thanks for your attention 👏 Hit "L" If you like it ❤️, and follow me for future inspirations!


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Enjoy and have a nice day! 🚀



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