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I would like to share a website design that I had the opportunity to design a few months ago.

A few words about the project 📝

The website is an e-learning platform for a dedicated professional group - for lawyers. The educational platform is based on lessons, and video tutorials. Both law firms and future lawyers will find materials for themselves on the platform.

My vision 👀

I have realized two concepts for the home page for this project.

I proposed a design: in a classic style and another in a modern style.

Today I am going to introduce you to the classic project. ⚖️

Colors 🎨

In this project, the color palette is based on classic, traditional, "safe" colors.

Shades of navy blue and copper color accents were used to add an academic and formal tone to the project.

3D Models 🧊

I also made 3d models of judicial and legal attributes ⚖️. The history of law is extensive and is associated with a dignified, serious and elite profession - a lawyer, judge or prosecutor. I wanted to make my project universal - you could say that it was conservative.

Full preview 👇

Let me know what you think about this project!

In the next shot I will show you an alternative version of this traditional project.

Thanks for your attention 👏 Hit "L" If you like it ❤️, and follow me for future inspirations!


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