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Hey! How is it going? Meet our new design for a Shipment Tracking App 🔥

The app helps businesses track and manage shipping 📦 of any kind: from a warehouse to a warehouse, from an address to an address, and from a pickup point to a pickup point.

On the shot, you see the shipment view flow. 

The first screen displays the shipment movement. It shows all the statuses and locations in real time. A user can see who the driver is and call them 🚚 The shipment analysis is available too.

Deep mint color is the accent color in this app. It is associated with dynamics, technologies, and mobility. A combination of mint and dark gray gives a sense that a product is expensive, reliable, and advanced. Such design definitely inspires trust.

A user can track shipments in real time, request a new shipment, watch 📈 statistics, and choose favorable conditions.

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Interface by Natasha Shvachka

Motion by Alexandr Logunov

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