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  1. Teachzy: Online courses design dashboard cards website web application web user interface site saas product design platform interface education app education edtech design system courses application app design app
    View Teachzy: Online courses
    Teachzy: Online courses
  2. Coursive: Web Platform application education overview e-learning website site web app design courses education platform web application product design saas platform edtech
    View Coursive: Web Platform
    Coursive: Web Platform
  3. banking platform: dashboard application app web design webdesign overview web app dashboard app dashboard design dashboard web platform
    banking platform: dashboard
  4. Book: Library page application education overview e-learning website site web app design courses education platform web application product design saas platform edtech
    View Book: Library page
    Book: Library page
  5. Tutorhunt: Web app design system tutor platform interface education product page online e-learning courses app edtech saas product design web
    View Tutorhunt: Web app
    Tutorhunt: Web app
  6. Linglee - Languages learning platform landing chart stats statistics data minimal platform languages learning education illustration account profile dashboard app design 10clouds interface ux ui
    View Linglee - Languages learning platform
    Linglee - Languages learning platform
  7. Collaba: Landing page overview product page saas brand design product design collaborative platform collaborative work app design web landing landing page
    View Collaba: Landing page
    Collaba: Landing page
  8. Education Platform Dashboard platform online learning edtech e-learning courses dashboard education illustration gradient app minimal concept colors ux ui design
    Education Platform Dashboard
  9. Online Collaborative Platform strategy minimal clean cms project management hrm crm product software b2b slack platform collaboration saas web web design illustration design website landing page
    View Online Collaborative Platform
    Online Collaborative Platform
  10. Education Dashboard-UX/UI Design concept minimal education onlinelearning platform design admin app dashboad interface ui uiux ux
    View Education Dashboard-UX/UI Design
    Education Dashboard-UX/UI Design
  11. πŸ“š Research made simple collaborative research education platform students ux ui saas app product design
    View πŸ“š Research made simple
    πŸ“š Research made simple
  12. Courses schedule - Web app education classes event illustration notification interface schedule courses ui ux figma sketch platform technology dashboard management saas product design mobile arounda
    View Courses schedule - Web app
    Courses schedule - Web app
  13. Teachable Discover - Homepage cards platform ux  ui courses ux minimal interface ui web
    Teachable Discover - Homepage
  14. Teachable Discover saas teachable video course design editorial platform minimal interface ui web
    Teachable Discover
  15. Teachable Discover course education courses teachable saas website editorial platform minimal interface ui web
    Teachable Discover
  16. Skillers web app cards classes statistics product design edtech concept 3d gradient colorful educational platform learning platform education online courses e-learning interface ui ux dashboard web application web app
    Skillers web app
  17. Tradedoubler β€” SMB Platform πŸ“Š widelab web ux ui saas simple network minimal marketing layout interface graph data dashboard clean cards application app analytics affiliate
    View Tradedoubler β€” SMB Platform πŸ“Š
    Tradedoubler β€” SMB Platform πŸ“Š
  18. Learning Platform leaderboard progress education learning management system learning platform online learning dashboard trending product cards minimal clean app design ux ui
    View Learning Platform
    Learning Platform
  19. education platform: mobile interface mobile app mobile uxdesign uidesign ux ui product design app education app e-learning education edtech
    View education platform: mobile interface
    education platform: mobile interface
  20. finance: cap table platform platform dashboard design overview dashboard web app web design fintech product design finance
    finance: cap table platform
  21. Teachable Discover saas website teachable courses course education saas platform corporate editorial minimal interface ui web
    Teachable Discover
  22. Skill Development Web app learning platform courses web design ui ux dashboard mobile app app web app web platform minimal course clean ui design graphic arcdiagram video content instructor learning app
    Skill Development Web app
  23. Education Platform website design website font categories ux learning app mobile ui interface ugem clean timeline courses learning education tablet dashboard product web web design
    View Education Platform
    Education Platform
  24. CRM App 2 web ux user ui team platform people organization minimal managment interface hr employees design dashboad crm clean app
    View CRM App 2
    CRM App 2
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