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After a short break, we come back to you with a full case study of one of the most interesting projects that we had the pleasure to implement last time.

The implementation concerned the new website of a software house from Boston, Atlantis Technology.

From the very beginning, we were aware of the high expectations of the client, who carefully selected the contractor. One of the requirements for joining the cooperation was an interview with our existing contractors and an assessment of our portfolio.

From among the 5 selected agencies, our cooperation has come to fruition after a long verification. 💥

We approached the whole very comprehensively and our scope of work included:  → Research, 

→ UI/UX, 

→ A series of individual illustrations, 

→ Animations of illustrations and microinteractions, 

→ Front-end implementation, 

→ Post-MVP development.

We have described the entire implementation in detail in the case study that you can find on Behance, so be sure to check the link below 👇


The first stage of our work was the preparation of over 60 custom illustrations. It was one of the most important elements of this project, because it allowed us to perfectly visualize the story that the user learns on the new website.


There are no key elements in this project - each screen is part of the entire story that the user learns on the website. The continuation of the journey that the user starts on the home page is the part devoted to the Service provided by Atlantis Technology.


Due to numerous NDA agreements, we were unable to present details of individual case studies Atlantis Technology.

How did we solve this blocker? We have prepared custom illustrations for individual industries that represent selected case studies.

About us

Another element of the whole story was the presentation of the company and the team in detail. In the form of story-telling, we told all the details about Atlantis Technology.


Atlantis Technology is constantly looking for new specialists for its team. That is why the Career page was such an important element, where we presented the most important information for potential interested parties.


Some internal pages of the new Atlantis Technology website also function as standalone landing pages. One such site is Practices, where we present the most important practices, principles and values of Atlantis Technology.


Other internal websites that we designed were also important, so we invite you to a full case study in which you will learn about the full scope of our work.

Thanks for your attention!

Be sure to check out the full case study of this project we shared on the Behance platform. ✨


You can also check our entire implementation online, available at



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