2022 Semestral Logo Set

Huge semester here, last time I’ve made a post like this wasn’t seem too much ago.

I’m trying to change a bit, more colors showing up along with a less concerned look to the logo rules, more details, gradient, still some very conservative logos are present in this board.

Some made for friends, some for fun (or exercise, you name it), some for easy clients, others really challenging ones; plus some I cannot show yet, part of the job; but all of them made as part of me!

Months of real changes, not just in terms of quantity I guess: I’m trying my best to be the best logo Bit can be. Maybe enough to teach something about it soon ;)

I hope you enjoy this semestral collection, and thanks for following me on this journey; just a half-time here, more to come hopefully!

Feedback is appreciated, as always will be!

Also I'm available for new projects, so feel free for ask me!

Need a logo, illustration or other crazy stuff? Email me now :)

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Breno Bitencourt
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