Was a huge pleasure to develop this logo, with an old friend from Design College times, about such a challenging thematic! Name and concept are inspired by Orixá Iemanjá Ogunté and their business field is about Jewelry Design. I really like this conceptual approach that lead us to use the initial G (plus a subtle T) with some iconography of the Iemanjá tools and weapons; final one precisely the Mirror, Moon and Star.

I hope you like the #WIP shared through these shots!

ɪ ∙ final negative symbol

ɪɪ ∙ initial sketches on paper

ɪɪɪ ∙ favorite concepts refinement

ɪᴠ ∙ chosen concept variations

ᴠ ∙ final type refinements

ᴠɪ ∙ horizontal final logo

ᴠɪɪ ∙ final logo main compositions

ᴠɪɪɪ ∙ horizontal positive final logo

Also I'm available for new projects, so feel free for ask me!

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