Rebound me.

Shot 1272212582

It's rebound time! After winning Simon Gustavsson's rebound contest (with "Up") I thought it was time I held one myself. And what better starting point than an ampersand* (or rather, a reboundpersand ;) that just happens to be completely based on phi?

Take this shot (get the EPS here) and rebound it (using the Rebound link over in the right menu on this page). No rules, just make it your own.

The rebound with the most Likes by Wednesday at 12pm EST will be declared the winner and will receive an beta invite to laterstars** and a $5 iTunes gift certificate.


* This was one of my contributions to FontAid IV; the resulting ampersand typeface "Coming Together" can be purchased from Veer.

** Nope, I'm not affiliated with laterstars, I'm just a fan and they've given me a few invite codes to hand out :)

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