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You don’t need to become a professional chef to cook cool dishes. With the help of online recipe books, you can try new ingredients, tricks, and life hacks that will make your cooking routine real fun. Meet our new concept of the recipe web platform.

This page is divided into two blocks. The left one displays the best recipes of the month according to users. The right block displays the list of the most popular site recipes. Also, there is a search bar, a recipe book, and navigation buttons.

For this concept, we chose a minimalistic and strict white and black color palette. This color choice won’t distract users from watching vivid dish photos and reading recipes.

Using this app, users can not only read detailed recipes but also explore new ideas and find inspiration. Vivid dish pictures will help users to visualize the desired cooking result.

How often do you search for new recipes online?

Ronas IT | UI/UX Team
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