Icon animation for Mobile Application

Dear friends,

Remember the very first time you tapped and opened an app on a smartphone? Probably not – but it sure must have been exciting at the time. Now, though, this action has become so routine as to be drained of all emotion – it’s something we do without thinking. 

So, in a bid to put the meaning back into small gestures such as this, the Zajno crew got thinking. What if holding down on what we expect to be a static icon were to trigger a captivating animation? It might last just a moment – but that moment could be rather special.

We animated the icons with a combination of simple modifiers and morphing. The captions stay on the tab bar with help of background morphing – but the icons jump regardless of the display content. I created the animation with Adobe After Effects without using any third-party plugins. 

Many thanks to Vladislav, who created the icons and mobile application design.

If you’ve lately found an unexpected solution to a common problem, I’d love to hear in the comments. 

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