Hook me up with your vinyl collection

It’s time for the next shot from the Netguru PD “Tigers” Team Dribbble Concepts series.

Netguru PD “Tigers” Team Dribbble Concepts series is an internal team initiative allowing us to practice with visual, motion, and art direction skills by creating simple and fun Dribbble concepts within a short period of time. Each member of the team has the privilege of nominating the next person.

For the third round Maja Szwajcowska challenged me to design a teaser of a mobile app which helps in suggesting the albums basing on users collection. The requirement was to use Mr Rick Astley somewhere in the design. As an end result we have a sort of a Tinder for LP’s which aims to match the experience of going into vinyl markets browsing record by record, and visually a design w/out a design approach - regular UI components/elements kept at their minimum to highlight the album covers and their crucial data.

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Posted on Aug 13, 2021
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