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  1. Darkmode card interactions using @principleapp photography unsplash swiping parallax camera fab figma principle app profile photo sharing dark mode dark ui darkmode swipe cards iphonex ios interaction animation ui
    View Darkmode card interactions using @principleapp
    Darkmode card interactions using @principleapp
  2. Interactive restaurant recommendations app favorites location restaurant animation flow profile tinder swipe cards delivery food
    View Interactive restaurant recommendations app
    Interactive restaurant recommendations app
  3. Magic Motion prototype examples library preview example prototype framer framer web ui transition animation magic motion swipe expand
    View Magic Motion prototype examples
    Magic Motion prototype examples
  4. Food Menu android ios animation motion menu food slider swipe interaction app
    View Food Menu
    Food Menu
  5. App Onboarding Interaction google swipe interaction animation motion clean dark blur character splash screen onboarding sign up sign in app mobile ux ui ae figma framer
    View App Onboarding Interaction
    App Onboarding Interaction
  6. News feed UI concept mobile top story tabbar toolbar swipe card category search feed news sketch ios design graphics app ux ui cuberto
    News feed UI concept
  7. Music Player Transition carousel transition music swipe ios mobile animation motion interaction ux ui
    View Music Player Transition
    Music Player Transition
  8. Swipe animation liquid smooth element concept tap swipe navigation prototype mobile app clean cxdojo cx ui motion gif
    View Swipe
  9. Splitbee – Mobile app animation microinteractions interaction bill pull to refresh refresh pull swipe split cards transfer fintech payment request banking
    View Splitbee – Mobile app
    Splitbee – Mobile app
  10. Ren - Interaction Design dialog ios smooth fluid swipe contact message alert chat dark mockup animation design ui animation interaction design 3d animation interaction ux ui dark ui
    View Ren - Interaction Design
    Ren - Interaction Design
  11. InVision Studio - Spaced App mobile iphone x interaction swipe ux ui iphonexs invision studio invisionstudio gif spacedchallenge futuristic carousel ios
    View InVision Studio - Spaced App
    InVision Studio - Spaced App
  12. Framer X: Page Tool blue mobile app ui animation gif prototype interaction ios swipe cards card paging page framer
    Framer X: Page Tool
  13. Finance app Delete finance swipe delete ios animation app eleken ux ui
    View Finance app Delete
    Finance app Delete
  14. Swipe Interaction andorid composer inbox client email protopie prototype principle video aniamtion clean saas product design ios mobile iphone interaction app ux ui
    View Swipe Interaction
    Swipe Interaction
  15. Hotel card design 3d aep c4d illustration ux ui mobile iphone distanation add pull swipe cards card hotel booking hotel motion
    View Hotel card design
    Hotel card design
  16. Bookie - Reading Bot Assistant onboarding assistant interaction animation swipe dislike like reading book ai bot
    View Bookie - Reading Bot Assistant
    Bookie - Reading Bot Assistant
  17. Travel App - MVP holiday world swipe travel booking map motion logo icon iphone app design after effects animation ux ui prototype mvp minimum viable product
    View Travel App - MVP
    Travel App - MVP
  18. Ecommerce app design ux ui iphonex ios web ecommerce interactions animation swipe sort by filter shopping app ecommerce app
    View Ecommerce app
    Ecommerce app
  19. Tinder for Food 🍽 app design swipe card order food food app tinder
    View Tinder for Food 🍽
    Tinder for Food 🍽
  20. Quzi  - Question Answer App Ui design ux ios ui swipe answer question gradient card clean app
    View Quzi - Question Answer App Ui
    Quzi - Question Answer App Ui
  21. Swipe to Delete interaction ui trash swipe microinteraction detele
    View Swipe to Delete
    Swipe to Delete
  22. Animated Swipe Icons in Gmail android google gmail ui ux icons mobile animated motion gif
    View Animated Swipe Icons in Gmail
    Animated Swipe Icons in Gmail
  23. Parking app userex ui swipes swipe right swipe product onboarding ui onboarding screens onboarding screen onboarding onboard muzli ios interface graphic design app clean ux
    View Parking app
    Parking app
  24. Dark Mode Interaction dark mode swipe right menu saas animation prototype principle banking finance clean dark video product design ios interaction iphone mobile app ux ui
    View Dark Mode Interaction
    Dark Mode Interaction
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