Hello Everyone!

I had a chance to collaborate with Monday Hero people who truly understand the essential value of a logo to a brand. It's been a smooth process to get to the final version of the logo since working with tech people is always easier to demonstrate your skills as a designer.

I was asked to think of something new that represents both the term "hero" and the service they provide. Basically, you can convert Sketch designs into Swift code with Monday Hero. So, everything is very straightforward here. It works like a bridge between the design and the actual code with no hassle.

When you look from this perspective, it's not hard to see that the logo might give you some clues about time-saving or being an everyday companion. I focused on some keywords such as hero, companion, agility, tool, speed. After some quick sketches, I digitized chosen options and filtered the ones that made sense the most. On the selected version, the lightning symbol has a slightly hidden message which actually is an "M" letter at the same time. As a result, the founders wanted to go for it and I think it's a wise choice in terms of having a very remarkable symbol merged with "M".

Hope this will lead us to a full branding project at some point but It was only about the logo and color palette creation for now.

Thanks for making time for this!

Emrah Kara
Functional and intuitive design through simplicity in mind.

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