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  1. Development tool: Product design saas landing page saas website tech cloud app dev tools development enterprise cloud software platform technology saas app saas
    Development tool: Product design
  2. Haystack - Connected Apps Settings apps crm software cms saas design clean minimal hrm service platform collaboration employee communication install plug-ins integrations ui ux desktop dashboard settings
    View Haystack - Connected Apps Settings
    Haystack - Connected Apps Settings
  3. Online Collaborative Platform strategy minimal clean cms project management hrm crm product software b2b slack platform collaboration saas web web design illustration design website landing page
    View Online Collaborative Platform
    Online Collaborative Platform
  4. Customer Communication Platform ui  ux layout collaboration communication api homepage design webdesign platform service integration hrm minimal design website landing page software saas cms crm crm software
    View Customer Communication Platform
    Customer Communication Platform
  5. Hrlink HR Management Software task management app payroll management task management ui design hr management system hr management human resource dashboard design saas design
    View Hrlink HR Management Software
    Hrlink HR Management Software
  6. Task Management Software webdesign web hrms task task manager website app task management app task management
    Task Management Software
  7. HR Management App chat statistics finance ronas it mvp app ui ux webdesign crm web management human resources hr hr software employee dashboard design dashboard ui dashboad coaching
    HR Management App
  8. CaptainCode - Logo Design bracket fintech creative logo design visual identity design identity branding logo design logo data management organize technology software purple gradient creative logo development develop dev code captain
    CaptainCode - Logo Design
  9. Collaboration platform designer product crm marketing saas b2b service online tool software platform collaboration web design layout ui clean homepage design website landing page
    View Collaboration platform
    Collaboration platform
  10. Dashboard - Employee Management user list users list management system recruiting hrms hr hr software human resources chart platform employee engagement employees hr management overview app design dashboard saas crm clean app
    Dashboard - Employee Management
  11. Ease Broker Companies List desktop management platform portal human resources crm broker hover list software saas organization benefit insurance progressbar progress admin forms enrollment company
    Ease Broker Companies List
  12. XSpot - Timeline semiflat studio semiflat crm customer relationship management sales management sales automation b2b saas b2b software b2b tool sales management tool sales software salesforce sales saas crm saas timeline saas task saas productivity task management timeline web
    XSpot - Timeline
  13. SIM Inventory - IoT SaaS web app web app ux web app ui web application web app design enterprise app enterprise ux logistics connection iot app fintech ux design saas admin ux dashboard web app software clean ui clean simple
    SIM Inventory - IoT SaaS web app
  14. HR Management Software Landing Page landing page design landing page coaching dashboad dashboard ui dashboard design employee hr software hr human resources management web crm finance statistics web design ronas it ui ux chat
    HR Management Software Landing Page
  15. Technology Risk Management Platform dark ui dark theme software design enterprise ux dashboard web app design typography colors icon ui ux interface
    Technology Risk Management Platform
  16. SoftwareCompany – Hero Block widgets support summary software hr environment dashboard security audit app admin panel access request access
    View SoftwareCompany – Hero Block
    SoftwareCompany – Hero Block
  17. Bracelet v3 Website Style Exploration saas b2b software building optimization building optimization technology property management dashboard homepage website ux ui
    View Bracelet v3 Website Style Exploration
    Bracelet v3 Website Style Exploration
  18. CRM for a Shipping Company branding logistic client base management system managment crm software crm shipping company logistics dashboard website design web
    View CRM for a Shipping Company
    CRM for a Shipping Company
  19. Ease Broker Dashboard desktop progress enrollment form crm human resources broker employees organization administration insurance benefits software saas dashboard ease
    View Ease Broker Dashboard
    Ease Broker Dashboard
  20. Marketing Platform_Web UI salesforce real estate communication platform design homepage design media tech crm software service saas startup agency marketing webdesign layout clean landing page website
    View Marketing Platform_Web UI
    Marketing Platform_Web UI
  21. 🟣 We released a new thing! marketing saas design software development managment analytics software design gallery software tools app ui branding saas app saas product design
    View 🟣 We released a new thing!
    🟣 We released a new thing!
  22. SoftwareCompany – Access Requests support summary audit environments dashboard admin panel access requests access human resources hr software
    View SoftwareCompany – Access Requests
    SoftwareCompany – Access Requests
  23. CMS Website platform marketing agency hero illustration homepage saas landing page software company crm ui  ux web design hrm cms agency website layout design clean card minimal illustration website landing page
    View CMS Website
    CMS Website
  24. Framework Login flat design flat illustration vector art monello illustration hurca big data technology engineers code access checkpoint network developers mobile app tool software house software
    Framework Login
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