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Hey there!

Check out the animated version of the Instant Caller Profile page design. The page features of one add-on products of Ringba, a new-generation telecommunication company.

Here at Zajno, we made a website for Ringba a while back reshaping its online presence. After that we redesigned their web app to adjust it to the new style and integrated 5 add-on products into the cosmic storytelling.

Our task was to come up with a fresh and original design solution for their website. We ditched all the motifs or concepts around which telecoms websites are usually arranged. Instead, we dug deeper, presenting the product through a metaphor:

An iridescent orb ringed by satellites. The former represents Ringba itself, the latter, its constellation of add-on products, the orb above being one of the satellites. A dark palette speaks of deep space, while soundwaves subtly remind of the medium with which Ringba exists to work.

Let me know what you think about the interactions!

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