Fresh From Dribbble: Boosted Shots

Dribbblers! As you might remember from our earlier update, we rolled out Boosted Shots on Dribbble as a way to open up our community and let designers land more eyeballs on their special projects, product launches, or merch offerings. We’re excited to announce we’ve expanded the features of Boosted Shots, which will now be available in relevant search queries on Dribbble.

So, what’s that mean? Well, if you’re looking to boost a Shot related to, say, logo design—your Boosted Shot will now be served as an unobtrusive addition to logo-related search results right on Dribbble. This new contextualization means your Boosted Shots will be more relevant to the Dribbblers who encounter them—meaning you’re not just getting more eyeballs on your work, you’re getting interested eyeballs. Don’t worry, though—we’re making sure our functionality isn’t obnoxious for folks scrolling their feed and that the Dribbble experience you know and love isn’t disrupted.

So, in the spirit of giving all community members the chance to holler from the rooftops about a special design, project, or product they’re bringing into the world—we’re offering all Dribbblers 50% off the cost of Boosted Shots for a limited time.

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Posted on Sep 17, 2020
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