Conversational Flow UI Design using Google DialogFlow

As our UX team started working with Dialogflow, we did rapid prototyping to show how we can meet the business objectives of the Analytics platform.

We experimented with a few use cases on how we can train on a variety of intents. It's easy, yet it needs a lot of work.

The business users expect an intent-based search experience.

One of the UX design objectives' was to identify the moments we can optimize for business users' journeys.

A few high-level UX metrics were 1. to reduce the clicks, 2. surface actionable next steps, 3. context - show the following steps within the context of the question asked.

As we saw business users interacting with the prototypes during the design sprints, we made necessary changes in the UI and micro-interactions.

Voice and intent-based search are foundational user experiences for digital commerce journeys.

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