1. Conversational Flow UI Design using Google DialogFlow intelligaia conversational learning machine voice friendly user nlp intuitive flow dialog platform assistant bot animation interactive analytics design ux ui
    Conversational Flow UI Design using Google DialogFlow
  2. Prediction Band user interface intelligaia ux ui storytelling prescriptive datastory design
    Prediction Band
  3. Decision Support Framework predictive diagnostic support decision framework arc story descriptive intelligaia analytics datastory data business design interactive user interface dashboard storytelling ux ui
    Decision Support Framework
  4. Track Device lifecycle interaction kaul dashboard analytics user interface ux dataviz kpi uidesign design storytelling data chord
    Track Device lifecycle
  5. Contract Counts dashboard intelligaia ui ux interactive interaction design analytics expired active contracts statistics
    Contract Counts
  6. Income Trends in US States trend stats america usa states united statistical slope chart dataviz trends income chart interactive intelligaia ui ux design user interface analytics dashboard
    Income Trends in US States
  7. Sales Dashboard storytelling dataviz customdataviz kpi graphic chart interaction interactive analytics intelligaia dashboard user interface design ux ui sankey
    Sales Dashboard
  8. Design Critique Cards for Design Reviews analytics interactive dashboard ux user interface illustration sketch design ui
    Design Critique Cards for Design Reviews
  9. Moonshot - dashboard design visualization workshop sprint galaxy planets theme kaul rajiv intelligaia moonshot dashboard analytics ux user interface design ui
    Moonshot - dashboard design
  10. Digital Commerce Dashboard usa platform transformation commerce digital experience employee dashboard productivity kaul rajiv intelligaia updates lifecycle kpi context ux ui user interface timeline
    Digital Commerce Dashboard
  11. Thanksgiving sticky notes thanks thanksgiving stories illustration story arc design
  12. Car Booking Chart time realtime interactive cx ux dashboard service cars traffic visualization bookings clock analytics kaul rajiv intelligaia graph animation interaction
    Car Booking Chart
  13. Interactive On boarding Process design ui engaging interactive animation on-boarding
    Interactive On boarding Process
  14. Color Palette for Data Visualizations dashboard emotion complex categories graphic colors kaul rajiv intelligaia strategy color ux ui user interface analytics design strategy data visualizations color palette charts style guide
    Color Palette for Data Visualizations
  15. Interactive App Management app management mobile app user experience interactions user interface
    Interactive App Management
  16. Direct from Sketch to Production html sketch design user interface
    Direct from Sketch to Production
  17. Web App- Railroad railroad industry design web app ux ui application
    Web App- Railroad
  18. Health and Care medical patient health care delivery referral patterns user interface health care
    Health and Care
  19. Network Architecture Model management visual deployment architecture network switches infrastructure ux ui
    Network Architecture Model
  20. Pen Your Thoughts! ideas draw story video storyboard sketch
    Pen Your Thoughts!
  21. Storyboard explainer animation presentation video storyboard sketch
  22. Designing Personas  to identify business needs california customer insight stories usa system cx workshop cjm intelligaia story research user profile ux persona illustration design
    Designing Personas to identify business needs
  23. Banking App cards tile design analytics responsive ui
    Banking App
  24. Checkout flow 2d interaction ui payment checkout
    Checkout flow
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