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  1. Pierre Borodin Pierre Borodin


    I really love Original shot by @Ionut Zamfir

    I made rebound. Flat widget music player with simple animation.
    I was inspired by James Arthur - Faded

    In attachement you can find PSD file.
    If you want, follow me on Twitter
    One more thanks to Ionut Zamfir - great shot!

    11 months ago

  2. Hugo Hugo

    Nice, I like the animation dude!


    11 months ago

  3. Lukas Majzlan Lukas Majzlan

    Nice idea!


    11 months ago

  4. Joe Mortell Joe Mortell

    Pale green and orange seem to go together so well. Nice work!

    11 months ago

  5. Nabil Ghulam | Flat & Filthy Nabil Ghulam | Flat & Filthy

    That's just so random.. I am listening to James Arthur right now and found this shot.

    Great colors :)

    10 months ago

  6. Katarina Stefanikova Katarina Stefanikova

    I love it - great idea :)

    5 months ago

  7. Álvaro Bernal Álvaro Bernal


    5 months ago

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