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  1. Resize iOS widget ios14 iphone widget ios widgets new ios interaction ios 14
    View Resize iOS widget
    Resize iOS widget
  2. iOS Widgets for iPhone new ios ios widgets iphone widget iphone widget ios 14 interaction ios14
    View iOS Widgets for iPhone
    iOS Widgets for iPhone
  3. Dashboard Widgets analytics chart analytics podcast dashboard podcast app dashboard app web app product ui product funnel chart funnel dashboard widgets dashboard ui dashboard widgets widget chart ui bar chart chart widgets chart widget chart
    View Dashboard Widgets
    Dashboard Widgets
  4. IOS Widget Interaction taskmanagement todo task animate interaction prototype ios14 widgets widget ios chart uidesign dark app design application minimal design ui app mobile
    View IOS Widget Interaction
    IOS Widget Interaction
  5. Desktop Widget - BeatLab application ui minimalistic widgets widget neumorphic neumorphic design neumorphism application design desktop application application app design desktop app desktop app ux ui design minimal
    View Desktop Widget - BeatLab
    Desktop Widget - BeatLab
  6. Note Taking note taking notes widget web app ui search crm notes app contacts popover modal editor typing ux notes
    View Note Taking
    Note Taking
  7. Dashboard UI Elements schedule graph statistics card clean website ui elements cards design cards dashboard design widget dashboard
    Dashboard UI Elements
  8. App Widgets Concept components design system uikit bright color design clean minimal typography ux ui app mobile concept ios14 widget
    View App Widgets Concept
    App Widgets Concept
  9. Tool Widgets weather stocks music 7ahang dashboard app dashboard ui panel dashboard widget widgets tool dark ui dark layout ui application app concept sketch design
    View Tool Widgets
    Tool Widgets
  10. MacOS Big Sur Widgets mobile web macos desktop design desktop clean ui colors minimal design widgets widget
    View MacOS Big Sur Widgets
    MacOS Big Sur Widgets
  11. Tack - Time Tracker options component selector projects tracker timer list popover dropdown widget ux ui clean
    View Tack - Time Tracker
    Tack - Time Tracker
  12. Task management widget ios app ux ui mobile dashboard task manager calendar ios 14 task
    View Task management
    Task management
  13. App Components widget ui kit subscription checkout users payment components app ux ui
    App Components
  14. Twitch iOS 14 Widgets widgets ios14 guide timeline schedule ipad iphone ios widget
    View Twitch iOS 14 Widgets
    Twitch iOS 14 Widgets
  15. Saas Dashboard listing list view e commerce online shopping interface web app widgets widget charts cards analytics chart analytic dashboard design dashboard ui dashboad
    View Saas Dashboard
    Saas Dashboard
  16. Mortgage Rates Daily Widgets olbromski design ui ux widelab mortgage loan rates widget chart graph slider flat darkmode dark modal popup module component app
    View Mortgage Rates Daily Widgets
    Mortgage Rates Daily Widgets
  17. Daility 2, iOS 14 widgets [ White theme ] gradient light iphone 12 iphone white graphics phone component widget 3d kit app ux mobile design ios14 ios minimal ui
    View Daility 2, iOS 14 widgets [ White theme ]
    Daility 2, iOS 14 widgets [ White theme ]
  18. Spotify iOS 14 widgets mobile interface design minimal clean app spotify widget ios ui
    Spotify iOS 14 widgets
  19. App widgets / UI Elements application widget round colors ux minimal gradient ui app design clean
    View App widgets / UI Elements
    App widgets / UI Elements
  20. Tool Widgets 3 control 7ahang panel mobile design mobile dashboard ios widget widgets dark layout ui application app concept sketch design
    Tool Widgets 3
  21. Landing Page Components component widget app get started feature pricing sign up ux ui calendar landing page components web
    View Landing Page Components
    Landing Page Components
  22. Notes illustration iphone minimal gif interface dashboard design interaction animation clean mobile ios ux ui app johnyvino notes widget notes app notes
    View Notes
  23. Weather forecast - Mobile App Deisign weather widget weather app snow mobile mobile ui illustrator motion design mobile design ui weather forecast weather motion illustration animation mobile app design mobile app
    View Weather forecast - Mobile App Deisign
    Weather forecast - Mobile App Deisign
  24. iOS14 Widget Kit quick start template kit ui flat minimal ios14 ios widgets
    View iOS14 Widget Kit
    iOS14 Widget Kit
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