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DualShock (v2)

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DualShock (v2) controller dualshock emulation gray illustration mac openemu playstation ps1 psone psx rebound sony wood video games 3d

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Made some changes to this artwork. Exhaustive list:

• Aligned △◯╳▢ buttons to the pixel grid.
• Tweaked the lighting and material of the △◯╳▢ buttons.
• Adjusted handle shading to reveal more dimensionality.
• Adjusted D-Pad lighting and materials.
• Fixed shadows underneath the analog thumbsticks.
• Exaggerated shoulder buttons slightly to make them more visible.
• Tweaked the highlight of the core of the controller (between the Sony logo and the cable).
• Adjusted lighting and shadows on the controller's cable.
• New @2x background that matches the style of the current wood background in the controller config.

With all that said, there may be even more tweaks later on!

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