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DualShock illustration mac gray wood controller playstation dualshock sony ps1 psone psx emulation openemu video games 3d

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This is an illustration of a DualShock controller that I created for the OpenEmu team. Like my previous illustration, this is displayed in the app's controller preferences for configuration purposes.

This is probably the most complex bit of artwork that I've produced so far. The shape of the controller, along with the need for others to edit the artwork if needed, necessitated the use of Photoshop's native 3D capabilities. I started with a base model that I constructed in Cinema 4D, then imported it into Photoshop. After hours of tweaking the lighting and materials, I drew the buttons on top of the render using shape layers and layer effects, recreating the analog thumbsticks in 3D as well and compositing them on top.

Really pleased with how this turned out, and I hope you are too! :-)

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