Please help me get this right - Buffer's new tweets section

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Hi everyone! Yesterday I posted a snap of the new dashboard ( coming to Buffer ( We're working away on giving people multiple accounts which is pretty exciting, I myself have been juggling 3 separate Buffer accounts which is kinda silly :)

I need your help! I'm quite happy with the dashboard, but introducing multiple accounts also means a change is required in the Tweets (My Buffer) section to allow for viewing multiple Buffers (for each account). Tabs makes sense, and what I've gone for here is that the selected tab lets you view the sent tweets for that account. That's the tricky part - I need to let people change account and also view sent tweets and then go back to scheduled tweets for that account. I don't want to go for two levels of tabs.

I'm not quite happy with it yet, please let me know your suggestions. Don't be constrained by what I've already done, I'd love any ideas at all!

Thanks in advance guys!

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