1. Roundglass- Discover More magazine ui design
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    Roundglass- Discover More
  2. Roundglass- Article Landing Page ui magazine design
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    Roundglass- Article Landing Page
  3. Roundglass Magazine magazine concept ui design
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    Roundglass Magazine
  4. Taggit prototype animation traveler airport bag practice concept screen concept transportation user interface ui design
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  5. Taggit flat traveler airport bag practice concept screen concept transportation user interface ui design
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  6. Photostory Gallery explorations practice digital magazine collection ui gallery photo story
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    Photostory Gallery
  7. Gallery Collection Exploration gallery carousel category page exploration practice ui
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    Gallery Collection Exploration
  8. Mgazine Journeys explorations category page magazine design ui
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    Mgazine Journeys
  9. Recipe Page responsive modular web design page recipe ui
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    Recipe Page
  10. Magazine bootstrap content design product responsive visual cms magazine
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  11. Magazine-Closed Content Platform framework design product platform content magazine
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    Magazine-Closed Content Platform
  12. Dial Interaction experiment navigation dial principle prototype new interaction
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    Dial Interaction
  13. Blog Content
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    Blog Content
  14. People ux interaction contextual phonebook microsoft internship
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  15. MyButler- Dish Menu rebound wip restaurant app mybutler
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    MyButler- Dish Menu
  16. Main Course Menu app mybutler menu wip restaurant
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    Main Course Menu
  17. Checkin With Friends restaurant feedback new update wip app checkin
    View Checkin With Friends
    Checkin With Friends
  18. Self Promotion Intro ux designer into self promotion personal bio introduction animation
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    Self Promotion Intro
  19. My Butler Screens  profile page checkin restaurant
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    My Butler Screens
  20. Night Sky sky night
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    Night Sky
  21. Getting late for work story work morning everyday motion flat effects after late scooter
    View Getting late for work
    Getting late for work
  22. Clickship Packaging 2
    View Clickship Packaging 2
    Clickship Packaging 2
  23. Clickship Packaging 1 graphics colors new flat cover illustrator design packaging
    View Clickship Packaging 1
    Clickship Packaging 1
  24. Digital Library book throwback icon library digital
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    Digital Library
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