1. Abstracting detail based on zoom level desk group floor plans hybrid work indoor maps maps
    View Abstracting detail based on zoom level
    Abstracting detail based on zoom level
  2. Don't forget about tables filter form tables tooltips
    View Don't forget about tables
    Don't forget about tables
  3. Outlining input states form forms input states
    View Outlining input states
    Outlining input states
  4. Robin product family lock-up devices kiosk marketing product product design touchscreen
    View Robin product family lock-up
    Robin product family lock-up
  5. Isometric floor plan desks flooplan indoor maps mapbox maps workplace
    View Isometric floor plan
    Isometric floor plan
  6. Desk menu menu tooltip ui
    View Desk menu
    Desk menu
  7. Employee facing popovers desks detail information modal overlay people popover tooltip
    View Employee facing popovers
    Employee facing popovers
  8. Product Family: Digital Signage digital signage interface ipad signage touchscreen ui
    View Product Family: Digital Signage
    Product Family: Digital Signage
  9. One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit anyone. board deck present presentation
    View One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit anyone.
    One-size-fits-all doesn’t fit anyone.
  10. Interactive Kiosks (Digital Signage) interactive kiosk signage touch
    View Interactive Kiosks (Digital Signage)
    Interactive Kiosks (Digital Signage)
  11. Selected Desk on Floor plan floor plans indoor maps map ui mapbox maps
    View Selected Desk on Floor plan
    Selected Desk on Floor plan
  12. Dark Maps for Kiosk indoor maps kiosk maps
    View Dark Maps for Kiosk
    Dark Maps for Kiosk
  13. Figma Resource Cover Types
    View Figma Resource Cover Types
    Figma Resource Cover Types
  14. Interactive Maps display indoor mapping interactive interactive maps maps
    View Interactive Maps
    Interactive Maps
  15. Notifications cards design system notifications system
    View Notifications
  16. Large Format Signage dark hero interactive maps maps marketing office signage tv design
    View Large Format Signage
    Large Format Signage
  17. Who doesn't love data? analytics calendar data insights room display scheduling smart office
    View Who doesn't love data?
    Who doesn't love data?
  18. Room Display Overview & Room Display Statuses calendar conference ipad mobile room display scheduling
    View Room Display Overview & Room Display Statuses
    Room Display Overview & Room Display Statuses
  19. Amenity Filtering Callout arrow calendar filter marketing room booking tooltip
    View Amenity Filtering Callout
    Amenity Filtering Callout
  20. The first one is never the final one hero mobile product room booking ui
    View The first one is never the final one
    The first one is never the final one
  21. Dashes, UI, Shapes and ...shapes. analytics bar chart dashed natural organic ui
    View Dashes, UI, Shapes and ...shapes.
    Dashes, UI, Shapes and ...shapes.
  22. Brands and friendly faces brand calendars characters illustrations office space room scheduling scheduling
    View Brands and friendly faces
    Brands and friendly faces
  23. Booking Overview Card booking card checkout tour travel
    View Booking Overview Card
    Booking Overview Card
  24. Rating Overview illustrations ratings reviews tours travel
    View Rating Overview
    Rating Overview
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