1. Logo for my Agri-asset securitisation project agriculture logo agriculture minimal icon design brief app branding flat vector illustrations logo
    View Logo for my Agri-asset securitisation project
    Logo for my Agri-asset securitisation project
  2. Instagram News Template templatedesign template instagram news minimal brief ux ui branding flat illustration vector daily design
    View Instagram News Template
    Instagram News Template
  3. Personal Site portfolio page portfolio site wix website builder website design webdesign web design website ux ui daily design
    View Personal Site
    Personal Site
  4. Dashboard Layout dailyui data charts analytics chart analytic dashboard design dashboard app dashboard ui web colourful ux ui app branding flat illustration daily vector design
    View Dashboard Layout
    Dashboard Layout
  5. The Signal Logo briefs newsletters newsletter traffic light traffic signal typography brief logo illustrations branding illustration flat daily vector design
    View The Signal Logo
    The Signal Logo
  6. Radio MKA - DUDI Challenge innovative awareness game chat game chat story chat radio competition challenge logo app flat branding design daily vector ux ui
    View Radio MKA - DUDI Challenge
    Radio MKA - DUDI Challenge
  7. Account Aggregator app india fintech app fintech ux ui flat daily vector design
    View Account Aggregator
    Account Aggregator
  8. UrbanStack Logo logodesign logo design gradient colourful app branding illustration daily vector design illustrations logo
    View UrbanStack Logo
    UrbanStack Logo
  9. All of us  on Zoom nowadays video calling zoom gif animation animatedgif gif animated 2d animation animation motion cartoon colourful flat vector design illustration illustrator gif
    View All of us on Zoom nowadays
    All of us on Zoom nowadays
  10. Butterfly Wings Logo gradients gradient colour palette sway insect wings butterfly rainbow colorful colour colors color logo illustrations flat branding illustration vector design daily
    View Butterfly Wings Logo
    Butterfly Wings Logo
  11. Shutting Down - Design for Calm down shutting calming calm sleepy figma design figma daily illustrations flat illustration vector design challenges challenge basecamp design for calm
    View Shutting Down - Design for Calm
    Shutting Down - Design for Calm
  12. Butterfly Based Sway Logo colour palette colourful bright colors bright multicolor sway the flat illustration branding daily butterfly vector design logodesign logo
    View Butterfly Based Sway Logo
    Butterfly Based Sway Logo
  13. Indian Old School Scribbles old school school indian india vector design daily illustration art illustration illustrator doodling doodles doodle scribbles scribble
    View Indian Old School Scribbles
    Indian Old School Scribbles
  14. Daily Brief Final Logo newsletter news brief app logo illustrations illustration flat vector design branding daily
    View Daily Brief Final Logo
    Daily Brief Final Logo
  15. Finance Questionnaire typography vector flat branding daily design uidesign user experience userinterface ux ui forms questionnaire survey finance fintech
    View Finance Questionnaire
    Finance Questionnaire
  16. Fact Checking Templates fact checking user interface design ux ui vector icon set icon design icon graphic flat misinformation fake news design system design daily dailyui branding
    View Fact Checking Templates
    Fact Checking Templates
  17. Fake News Icons and Hierarchy design system graphic icon design icon set icon flat vector design daily branding illustrations illustration fake news
    View Fake News Icons and Hierarchy
    Fake News Icons and Hierarchy
  18. Sunrise Logo Concept 3 options concept bright colors sun sunrise branding daily colorful flat design flat brief design vector logo
    View Sunrise Logo Concept 3
    Sunrise Logo Concept 3
  19. Fake News Graphic misinformation fake news material design material flat illustration character design designs flat creative illustrator character vector design illustrations illustration art
    View Fake News Graphic
    Fake News Graphic
  20. Sunrise / Brief Logo options client brand identity brand design branding logodesign logo dailylogochallenge daily brief briefcase sunrise
    View Sunrise / Brief Logo
    Sunrise / Brief Logo
  21. Brief Logo vector branding icon daily material document file brief logo design logo
    View Brief Logo
    Brief Logo
  22. Woman In Sari colourful illustration traditional indian india sari
    View Woman In Sari
    Woman In Sari
  23. Delhi Public Transport Icons freebies freebie free icon design iconography icon set icons transportation design public transport travel autorickshaw subway metro bus transportation transport illustration design illustrations
    View Delhi Public Transport Icons
    Delhi Public Transport Icons
  24. Golu the Crocodile iMessage stickers cartoon illustrations animalstickers cute animals imessage stickers crocodile golu
    View Golu the Crocodile iMessage stickers
    Golu the Crocodile iMessage stickers
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