1. Cursor Interaction ipad ipados apple smooth interface design dropdown menu hover interaction animation cursor ui ux
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    Cursor Interaction
  2. Stack Icons web vector custom app flat clean ui ui icons iconset icons
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    Stack Icons
  3. Going Crazy figma ui skeumorphism skeumorphic app icon app blue logo design logo icon design icon
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    Going Crazy
  4. Shadows and specularity texture gradients specularity highlight app concept grey skeumorphism skeumorphic depth inset inner shadow inner lock app icon icon app
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    Shadows and specularity
  5. Some more skeuomorphism ui component drop shadow shadow clean specular dark mode mode dark skeumorphism skeumorphic button design button
    View Some more skeuomorphism
    Some more skeuomorphism
  6. Just tinkering around skeumorphism bubble simple ios message
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    Just tinkering around
  7. UI Dropdown hover css html blue flat component components ui ripples ripple animation dropdown menu button dropdown
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    UI Dropdown
  8. UI Buttons button design component html css html blue components buttons ui
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    UI Buttons
  9. reflow - friend profile UI ui neat fresh live flat profile friend blue app
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    reflow - friend profile UI
  10. reflow - app UI live fresh custom neat flat blue ui app
    View reflow - app UI
    reflow - app UI
  11. reflow - app icon ios cloud sky flat blob blue flow icon app
    View reflow - app icon
    reflow - app icon
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