Head of design at Evil Martians. I’m helping to design elaborate, accessible, and beautiful web and mobile products.

Developer of Martian Grotesk and Mono—two modern variable font families, carefully optimized for use on screens.

Download Martian Mono for free: github.com/evilmartians/mono
Download a free trial of Martian Grotesk: romanshamin.gumroad.com/l/martian-grotesk-font

As a product designer who enjoys coding, I’m using this superpower to create tools. Over the years, I’ve developed all kind of tools: web and mobile apps, about a dozen plugins for Figma, Sketch, and Adobe apps. Including pretty raucous Size Marks for Adobe Photoshop (1.5K stars on GitHub) and Color Name for Figma (4.5K installs). Also, OKLCH Color Picker, Evil Icons (2nd Product of the Day on ProductHunt), and Recipe Scaler.


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