3 uncommon interview questions every designer should ask

Designer & Career Coach Helen Tran shares 3 uncommon interview questions to help you land your next best design job.

Taking the time to ask highly specific questions in a design interview ensures that you end up in a role that satisfies your personal growth, creativity, and career goals. Whether you’re preparing for your next interview or thinking about applying to new design jobs, we’ve got some tips to help you succeed.

To help you land your next best design job, Product Designer, Founder, & Career Coach Helen Tran shares three highly uncommon interview questions designers should ask more often.

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1. Ask questions about what your day will be like

Asking meaningful questions about what your day-to-day will look like and what will be expected of you is important for two reasons: it will help you determine whether you’ll enjoy the position and also ensures that the work itself aligns with your career goals. Ask questions about the structure of the design team, their methods of collaboration, the tools they use, and the biggest challenges they face to gain more insight into how successful you’ll be in this role.

2. Figure out who your manager is and how they work

Taking the time to understand the feedback structures and levels of autonomy that a particular manager expects from their design team can help guide the conversation and give you insight into whether the job is a good fit going forward. After all, a manager who values innovation and creativity might be a better fit than one with a more rigid style. Asking about the hiring manager’s design philosophy and how they approach negative feedback can reveal a lot.

3. Ask about career growth opportunities

Another question that doesn’t get asked enough is how the company approaches promotions and career training. Do they offer support and resources to help designers grow in their role? What are some of the career paths that other designers have taken through the organization? Knowing what opportunities lie ahead can give you a sense of how much room for growth there is for you within the company.