Live code 09 17 2018

New Tactics - Sneak Peak 👀

September 18, 2018

Here it is again - this time in live code! Big ups to our amazing dev team, in particular Clark Allen, for bringing this to life 🤘🏼 and a very special thanks to our amazing partners at New Tactics 🙏🏻. Stay tuned for more updates and th...

Dribbble mktg pg

New Tactics - Landing Page Preview

February 27, 2018

Here's a quick preview of the landing page for the New Tactics app we'll be rolling out a bit later this year. A very big thanks to our amazing partners over at New Tactics ❤️

Nt data transitions

New Tactics - View Transitions

January 10, 2018

Exploring transitions between the three main views of the New Tactics core experience - Terrain View (health/alliance), Connection View (nature of relationships), and Card/Grid View for editing and sorting individuals. ________________...

Direction 04 alt

New Tactics - Exploration 3

December 13, 2017

A third, simpler direction for the New Tactics info gathering flow. This super clean version focuses on getting users in and out of this initial process quickly and painlessly. Which direction do you prefer and why? Links below: https...

Output2 alt

New Tactics - Exploration 2

December 06, 2017

A second info gathering flow concept for New Tactics. In this version we're using two sphere's to represent the primary relationship between the victim (blue) and the violator (red). These colors will then be carried throughout the subse...

Nt onboarding v1

New Tactics - Exploration 1

November 30, 2017

We recently kicked off an exciting new project with our partners This is one of the early explorations for an info gathering flow that we're currently working on. More New Tactics work coming soon 😉 .

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