New Tactics - Sneak Peak πŸ‘€

Here it is again - this time in live code! Big ups to our amazing dev team, in particular Clark Allen, for bringing this to life 🀘🏼 and a very special thanks to our amazing partners at New Tactics πŸ™πŸ».

Stay tuned for more updates and the New Tactics launch coming soon! πŸš€

You might be asking yourself "What am I looking at?".

Well, here we're looking at two versions of a tactical map created to help solve a human rights violation. The first view is a map of the terrain or overall health of the problem. The second, is the connections view which illustrates the nature and influence of individuals as they relate to this violation and other actors on the map. Within this second view, the lines represent connections, with the color of those lines and the animated dots representing the nature of those relationships and the flow of power or influence.

----------------------------------------- sure to also check out our amazing new studio page designed by our very talented @Brit Moline πŸ”₯:
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Posted on Sep 18, 2018
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