1. DesignKit minimalist website web uiux ux figma design figma wireframe kit kit wireframes wireframe ui design
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  2. JamesClear.com author personal branding ui typography design wordpress website clean minimalist
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  3. DesignKit for Figma uiux ui web design web design system figmadesign figma wireframe kit wireframe
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    DesignKit for Figma
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    QuickFrames for Figma
  5. United Codes hero section mobile branding ui design wordpress white minimalist blue
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    United Codes
  6. ThomasGriffin.com green navy white minimalist web design website web personal branding personal
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  7. Egen Solutions identity design identity branding design brand design logo brand identity branding brand design clean minimalist
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    Egen Solutions
  8. DesignKit design mockups website figma design system style guide styleguide wireframe design wireframe kit wireframes wireframe web design figmadesign
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  9. Fusebox.fm mockups webdesign design website web modern podcast purple blue clean minimalist white
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  10. SyedBalkhi.com website purple ui design clean wordpress minimalist blog
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  11. SyedBalkhi.com web purple clean wordpress ui website personal branding personal brand
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  12. Syed Balkhi Logo Design typography branding vector design personal brand purple logo
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    Syed Balkhi Logo Design
  13. Typespiration.com gallery inspire inspirational inspiration webdesign website web design
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  14. Authoritive #2 branding brand minimal typography clean white black minimalist logo
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    Authoritive #2
  15. Authoritive #1 minimal typography design branding brand authors author clean white black minimalist logo
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    Authoritive #1
  16. Join the Newsletter clean minimalist sign up form sign up join us newsletter
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    Join the Newsletter
  17. NathanBarry.com Blog website wordpress blog post article blog
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    NathanBarry.com Blog
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  19. Coaching for Leaders membership dashboard gold navy member area member
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    Coaching for Leaders
  20. Coaching for Leaders gold navy podcasting podcast hero banner home page
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    Coaching for Leaders
  21. Coaching for Leaders gold navy blog single podcast episode
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    Coaching for Leaders
  22. Coaching for Leaders intro membership podcast coaching leaders gold navy hero banner
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    Coaching for Leaders
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    BlogTyrant.com – Email Sign Up
  24. BlogTyrant.com Redesign blog design clean red white wordpress web desgin design blog
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    BlogTyrant.com Redesign
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