Spring App 3.0 🛍 - Feed 004 / 004

January 08, 2020

Spring App 3.0 Feed capture 4 of 4. This final Feed post features an editorial collection that would have been be put together by the brand team at Spring. The idea here was to create a number of these push to users based on geo-locatio...

Spring App 3.0 🛍 - Feed 003 / 004

January 07, 2020

Spring App 3.0 Feed capture 3 of 4. This post shows an example of a product which a user has loved in the past that is now on sale as well as an interactive lookbook. The lookbook uses a 3d photo and is powered by the accelerometer on i...

Spring App 3.0 🛍 - Feed 002 / 004

January 06, 2020

Spring App 3.0 Feed capture 2 of 4. This post contains an example of a dynamically generated collection based on the time of year, geographical location, user's style preferences and past shopping behaviors (loves, purchases, shares, ...

Spring App 3.0 🛍 - Feed 001 / 004

January 03, 2020

Back in 2017 I had the honor of designing the third version of the Spring iOS app (you can find 1.0 here and 2.0 here). I also then prototyped the entire experience in Principle (which is what you're seeing a screen capture of). Unfortun...

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