Spring App 3.0 🛍 - Feed 001 / 004

Back in 2017 I had the honor of designing the third version of the Spring iOS app (you can find 1.0 here and 2.0 here). I also then prototyped the entire experience in Principle (which is what you're seeing a screen capture of). Unfortunately @springinc was sold during the process of building out this third version and it never saw the light of day. I figured after three years it was time to share it.

The idea behind this third permutation of the Spring app was a daily digest that users could visit for inspiration and recommendations based on their taste profile and past purchases / loves. As one scrolls through their digest there are bite size content pieces for them to dive into for more detail and purchase or breeze on past to move on to the next thing.

Stay tuned for more in this project 😎

Quintin Lodge
Designer & Founder of Non-Linear.

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