1. Loading Screen procore loading icon hexagon orange loading animation loading screen loading load 2d motion design app animated animation gif motion screen mobile
    Loading Screen
  2. Switch Projects orange procore 2d interaction mobile ux motion design dropdown ux design app animated animation gif motion mobile ui ux
    Switch Projects
  3. Download Interaction procore 2d check interaction blue mobile ux motion design button ux design app animated animation gif loading load motion download mobile ui ux
    Download Interaction
  4. A Construction-First Mobile Experience construction iphone iconography illustration gradient thumbnails text input card splash page inputs android graphic design design clean native app native ios mobile app design mobile design mobile ui
    A Construction-First Mobile Experience
  5. Procore’s Refined Logo hexagon design logotype branding brand identity brand typography logo design refresh rebrand procore animated logo 2d motion design motion animation after effects gif
    Procore’s Refined Logo
  6. Operational Excellence Mark minimal mark minimalist logos logo design identity graphic design geometric event clean visual identity animation branding brand logo design
    Operational Excellence Mark
  7. Survival Guide vector digital art illustration
    Survival Guide
  8. Procore Project Home simplified website animation web animation procore orange logo mark logo animation logo web app website flat animated gif vector 2d motion design motion animation animated after effects gif
    Procore Project Home
  9. 404 clouds vector art ui sketch illustration construction equipment error 404
  10. iOS UI Components style guide status avatar icons set icons ui library components ux design ux ui ui 100
    iOS UI Components
  11. Drawings by Area onboarding page drawings illustration design ui construction graphics
    Drawings by Area onboarding page
  12. Pin Summary framer map pin
    Pin Summary
  13. UI Layers procore ui
    UI Layers
  14. Devices procore illustrations laptop iphone
  15. Architectural Plans procore illustrations plans architecture
    Architectural Plans
  16. Drafting Desk architecture desk procore construction illustration
    Drafting Desk
  17. Android Intro Animation logo draiwngs construction android ui exploration animation
    Android Intro Animation
  18. Android Intro To Procore Redesign redesign mobile ux ui graphics construction walk me
    Android Intro To Procore Redesign
  19. Welcome to Procore's redesign intro walk me ux ui graphics technical sketch drawings construction android
    Welcome to Procore's redesign
  20. Procore Blog Redesign blog
    Procore Blog Redesign
  21. Procore iOS 2018 redesign clean design dashboard brand tools redesign construction ios
    Procore iOS 2018 redesign
  22. Journey Map Icons ideation design poster ux ui graphics illustrations icons
    Journey Map Icons
  23. Procore Logo graphics motion animation logo construction
    Procore Logo
  24. Procore Logo graphics logo illustration construction animation
    Procore Logo
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