1. Literate Programming vs Unix One Liners code computer science shell one liner unix one liner one-liners one-liner pipes pipe shell pipe unix pipe shell unix programming literate programming doug mcilroy douglas mcilroy mcilroy don knuth donald knuth knuth
    View Literate Programming vs Unix One Liners
    Literate Programming vs Unix One Liners
  2. Drowning UI/UX Designer ui ux web development web browserling comic joke drowning drown water float right float left css3 css2 css floating float uiux ux ui
    View Drowning UI/UX Designer
    Drowning UI/UX Designer
  3. Graveyard CSS Pun pun joke browserling comic html dev humor devhumor rip explorer iexplorer iexplore internet explorer ie css jokes css puns css pun css joke css3 css2 css
    View Graveyard CSS Pun
    Graveyard CSS Pun
  4. Winamp – it really whips the llama's ass! music audio audio software music software software audio player browserling cartoon comic joke music player mp3 winamp man whips butt ass whip llama win amp winamp
    View Winamp – it really whips the llama's ass!
    Winamp – it really whips the llama's ass!
  5. Help! joke browserling comic swimming swim beach help key f1 key key keyboard f1 coder programmer water drowning drown help
    View Help!
  6. Geek Cave coffee tea coding code pokemon pikachu hilbert curve pokeball programming laptop fireplace toys doggo puppy nerd cave geek cave geeks nerds nerd geek
    View Geek Cave
    Geek Cave
  7. Browser Wars weapons flame thrower flamethrower bazooka browserling browser comic firefox chrome safari internet explorer ie yandex brave vivaldi beaker edge browser wars browser war browsers browser
    View Browser Wars
    Browser Wars
  8. Candy and Code joke cico code out candy in programming coding sweets sweet sugars sugar lollipops lollipop candy cane candy bar candies chocolate bar chocolate code candy
    View Candy and Code
    Candy and Code
  9. Coffee and Code browserling cico coffee out code in comic loc code lines coding programming coffee maker coffee bean beans coffee beans coffee machine caffeine code coffee
    View Coffee and Code
    Coffee and Code
  10. Code Reuse quote modules module libraries library code reuse coding coders code programming pkrumins peter krumins
    View Code Reuse
    Code Reuse
  11. Horror Movie CSS Pun web development css joke css pun scary drink popcorn tv blood horror css fear
    View Horror Movie CSS Pun
    Horror Movie CSS Pun
  12. Winamp Joke joke comic audio audio player player music whips whip llama music player mp3 winamp
    View Winamp Joke
    Winamp Joke
  13. Cookie Monster Joke cartoon comic browser cookies browser cookie browsers browser cookie monster cookies cookie
    View Cookie Monster Joke
    Cookie Monster Joke
  14. Test Engineer Joke barman bartender drinks alcohol test1 bar joke bar beer software testing web testing testing test
    View Test Engineer Joke
    Test Engineer Joke
  15. HTML Anchors html tags joke web developer drowning drown water anchors a tag anchor html
    View HTML Anchors
    HTML Anchors
  16. Donald Knuth vs Douglas McIlroy computer science one-liners shell literate programming douglas mcilroy doug mcilroy mcilroy donald knuth don knuth knuth
    View Donald Knuth vs Douglas McIlroy
    Donald Knuth vs Douglas McIlroy
  17. Nerd Cave goomba pikachu cat chain chomp nerd geek boy cave man cave geek cave nerd cave
    View Nerd Cave
    Nerd Cave
  18. Computer and Life loneliness computers computer life balloons rainbow playground squirrel cat dog
    View Computer and Life
    Computer and Life
  19. Evil Plan shampoo cartoon lure wash evil plan shower fish meal food cat
    View Evil Plan
    Evil Plan
  20. Twins SEO Joke search engines duplicate content happy flower babies hospital search engine optimization seo couple twins
    View Twins SEO Joke
    Twins SEO Joke
  21. Sweet Setup setup action figures coffee vim books laptop alexa home cat dog
    View Sweet Setup
    Sweet Setup
  22. Merry Nerdy Christmas! browserify mage apple safari opera browser mozilla firefox microsoft edge google chrome browsers happy new year merry christmas browserling
    View Merry Nerdy Christmas!
    Merry Nerdy Christmas!
  23. BSD Beastie openbsd colors night pitchfork berkeley unix lsd sky beastie bsd
    View BSD Beastie
    BSD Beastie
  24. Hubris, Impatience, Laziness cs computer science programming perl larry wall selfie stick selfie camelia camel desert
    View Hubris, Impatience, Laziness
    Hubris, Impatience, Laziness
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