Pickled Frames is an animation and illustration studio founded by extreme animation enthusiast that has experience working as supervisor, animator and show creator on commercial projects and cartoons streamed on Netflix and other VOD services.

In our studio we are able to produce any type of animated content, such as: social media videos, TV and Web ads, brand videos, title sequences, educational videos, shorts, music videos, animation for games and applications or cartoon series.

None of this would have been possible without our super talented team of artists. They are core of our studio, they bring not only color, smooth animation, great stories but also fun to our day to day life. In case of projects that exceed our regular possibilities, we have a crew of professional artists that really value freedom and is eager to collaborate with us as freelancers.

We love being fully responsible for project and handling script, storyboard, animatic ,character design, backgrounds, animation, composition, music and

Kraków, Poland

Member since May 2020

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