Episode 36

Episode 34: Never stop learning and always start teaching with Pablo Stanley

Episode 34 features Pablo Stanley—lead designer and co-founder of Carbon Health, mentor at Sketch Together, co-host of the Diseño Cha Cha Cha podcast, and writer of The Design Team. In this episode, Dan and Pablo talk about how to be a good team member, the value of soft skills, how teaching will help you learn, and why it’s important to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You cannot teach without understanding a lot bit of what you're teaching. When I started doing this it was because of that, because I wanted to learn. It sounds weird, by teaching I was actually learning because I was forcing myself to deeply understand how this thing works and then I can explain it to other people. Once I understand it then I'm able to put it in a way that other people can understand it too. In a way, it's my personal way of learning by teaching others. It forces me to understand things.

Pablo also shares the challenges he faced in his path to becoming a designer, why he started his podcast, why the things you think are holding you back might actually be your superpowers, and more.

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