Episode 24

Episode 22: Louie Mantia

In episode 22, Dan chats with icon designer Louie Mantia. Louie is a co-founder of Parakeet—a small design studio with a concentration on icons, logos, illustrations, and emoji.

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Magic Passport App Icon app icon disneyland icons magic passport

Magic Passport App Icon

by Louie Mantia, Jr. for Parakeet

Been going back and forth on doing this, but I think it's the right thing to do. The previous icon was based on the old style of iconography in Magic Passport, so I figured it was about time to make a new app icon that was more in line with the current ...

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In this episode, Dan and Louie chat about getting inspired by Disney, bringing fun back to app icons, typeface vs icon design, advice for new designers, and more.

Louie also shares how and why Parakeet created Primaries—a stock set of icons that anyone can buy.

  1. Parakeet Primaries 1.13 skates skull medieval medical ios vector set icon icons stock primaries parakeet
  2. Urayasu blocky bold japan japanese 80s font industrial urayasu
  3. Club 33 disney disneyland club 33 icons magic passport

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