1. Applicant tracking system & recruiting software application hire illustration mascot recruiting recruitment sketch web
    View Applicant tracking system & recruiting software
    Applicant tracking system & recruiting software
  2. Adaptive Icons – Swap adaptive icon adaptive icons android android design android icons animated design gif iconography icons material design
    View Adaptive Icons – Swap
    Adaptive Icons – Swap
  3. Onboarding process complex onboarding payroll process web
    View Onboarding process
    Onboarding process
  4. Setting a project choose onboarding project web
    View Setting a project
    Setting a project
  5. Welcome page password web welcome
    View Welcome page
    Welcome page
  6. Paging microinteraction app graph interaction ios numbers principle
    View Paging microinteraction
    Paging microinteraction
  7. Financial credit apps android financial credit material design
    View Financial credit apps
    Financial credit apps
  8. Both sides android dark mode dark theme figma material design toolbar
    View Both sides
    Both sides
  9. Web Footer Side Menu debate drawer energy footer menu navigation principle side menu
    View Web Footer Side Menu
    Web Footer Side Menu
  10. First explorations dark elegant investment solar panels sun web
    View First explorations
    First explorations
  11. Opening transition app energy ios opening solar panel splash
    View Opening transition
    Opening transition
  12. Item with Cart android cart clothes material design store
    View Item with Cart
    Item with Cart
  13. Confirmation tickets android confirmation material design ticket
    View Confirmation tickets
    Confirmation tickets
  14. Zave Passport for iOS color ios material design savings
    View Zave Passport for iOS
    Zave Passport for iOS
  15. Animal Vitae android material design mobile sketch
    View Animal Vitae
    Animal Vitae
  16. Video Contests App Preview android material design tabs video contests
    View Video Contests App Preview
    Video Contests App Preview
  17. Weex showcase page calculator html sketch sliders web weex
    View Weex showcase page
    Weex showcase page
  18. Splash Screen and Tutorial Prototype android bridgefy material design messaging principle splash tutorial
    View Splash Screen and Tutorial Prototype
    Splash Screen and Tutorial Prototype
  19. Shipping Analytics analytics dark dashboard data graphs map shipping web
    View Shipping Analytics
    Shipping Analytics
  20. Tesseract Logo Explorations cube cubes explorations hypercube logo sketch tesseract
    View Tesseract Logo Explorations
    Tesseract Logo Explorations
  21. Miveo: Vimeo client for Android android material design ui video vimeo
    View Miveo: Vimeo client for Android
    Miveo: Vimeo client for Android
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