1. Request Demo Page logo tabs product screenshot buttons forms blue uidesign ux ui website fintech financial contact page social proof marketing sales request demo
    View Request Demo Page
    Request Demo Page
  2. Tempate Webinar Landing Page website design webinar ux ui website title thumbnail template forms register paragraph speaker moderator logo landing page hero image light blues background
    View Tempate Webinar Landing Page
    Tempate Webinar Landing Page
  3. Knowledge Graph social media timeline button tabs nodes configuration query search bar light profile app flat design producthunt product uidesign ux ui web knowledgegraph knowledgebase
    View Knowledge Graph
    Knowledge Graph
  4. KgBase Landing Page site of the day design illustration flat light ux ui interface knowledge graph landing page creative clean
    View KgBase Landing Page
    KgBase Landing Page
  5. Changesets Diff list table breadcrumb tabs profile notification toolbar web ui light flat design buttons git diff
    View Changesets Diff
    Changesets Diff
  6. Table/Data View table breadcrumb tabs profile notification toolbar selection web ui light flat design buttons git
    View Table/Data View
    Table/Data View
  7. Dashboard Views buttons flat light ui web list profile features tabs search bar color palette dashboard
    View Dashboard Views
    Dashboard Views
  8. Project X - Spread Sheet icons table editing tool bar blue baby blue spread sheet
    View Project X - Spread Sheet
    Project X - Spread Sheet
  9. Mail App Re-skinned mail app mac white light ios7 flat clean redesign reskin os x
    View Mail App Re-skinned
    Mail App Re-skinned
  10. Score Overlay score meter progress bar overlay ios7 mobile black white blurred
    View Score Overlay
    Score Overlay
  11. Calculator (In White) calculator flat light white colours blue aquamarine numbers ios7 iphone practice app
    View Calculator (In White)
    Calculator (In White)
  12. Idea: Hiding Notifications on Lock Screen ios7 iphone notifications video sliding lock screen
    View Idea: Hiding Notifications on Lock Screen
    Idea: Hiding Notifications on Lock Screen
  13. The Crowd Thing menu lefthand list dark people avatars music discover playlist iphone ios 7
    View The Crowd Thing
    The Crowd Thing
  14. Chat Screen chat messenger flat flatness bubbles blue grey white ios7 iphone
    View Chat Screen
    Chat Screen
  15. OS X Maps maps icon app mavericks compas native psd free freebie map mac os x
    View OS X Maps
    OS X Maps
  16. Send a Voicemail voicemail send flat record button volume cross close pop-up grey red blue white
    View Send a Voicemail
    Send a Voicemail
  17. Flat Camera camera flat grey white dark solid picture image grid rotate flash gallery cross close buttons no shadows
    View Flat Camera
    Flat Camera
  18. Mobile App Install Template facebook mobile app install template free download psd file ad inapt
    View Mobile App Install Template
    Mobile App Install Template
  19. "A" App Icon icon app curl 3d grey white steel
    View "A" App Icon
    "A" App Icon
  20. Select, Edit, Save trash rotate select note user icons grey blue dark darker light lighter white edit state profile ios flat tick picture
    View Select, Edit, Save
    Select, Edit, Save
  21. Flat Profile profile ios flat music player note about user icons grey dark darker light lighter white play stop edit state
    View Flat Profile
    Flat Profile
  22. Facebook Button - Questionable facebook button blue grey dark onboarding question sign in log in
    View Facebook Button - Questionable
    Facebook Button - Questionable
  23. Pop Over pop over movies categories save button white grey green light add adding
    View Pop Over
    Pop Over
  24. Messages messenger messages message chat typing light white green bubbles send button add more button
    View Messages
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