1. Cat Nouveau Pattern

  2. Beach Bum Cookie Pattern

  3. Tilly the Cat

  4. Fall Squirrely Pattern

  5. Low Country Sea Life Digital Wallpaper Design

  6. Woodland Slumber Bedding and Lampshade

  7. Woodland Slumber Onsies

  8. Woodland Slumber

  9. Coffee Label Illustration

  10. Billie Holiday Illustration

  11. Digital Collage Illustration Promo

  12. Owl Illustration

  13. She has a Laugh so Hearty

  14. No Peace Book Cover

  15. Dogs Park Illustration

  16. Goodbye Gloomies Picture Book

  17. Honey Please Product Salve Large 1 oz

  18. Honey Please Label Design Raw Honey 12 oz Bottle

  19. Honey Please Logo Design

  20. Gold Ink on Black Name Hand lettering

  21. Semper Fii Handlettering

  22. Van Gogh Quote

  23. Blue Crab Illustration for Greeting Card

  24. Baby Chick Pen and Ink Digital Illustration

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