Epicurrence – Breckenridge Concept

January 15, 2019

This was an early concept I put together for the new Epicurrence site before @Alicja Colon worked her magic and made it a gajillion times better the paper illustrations. Thought it would still be interesting to share where the design sta...

Epicurrence – Colorado

January 11, 2019

Incase you missed it – another look at new Epicurrence site, this time showing off the ‘mid-day’ hero image that Alicia made. Did you know that the site displays a different image at the top depending your local time? We’re also nominat...

Epicurrence – Colorado Live! 🏂⛷🤙

January 10, 2019

Super stoked to announce the launch of the Epicurrence – Colorado site that I’ve been working on! Check out the live site → here! There’s plenty to play around with and BE SURE to get your tickets before they sell out. I was fortunate...

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