Hi, I'm Eva Nage (pronounced like mage, sage or page), a Motion Graphic Designer in London, UK with six years of combined experience in motion and graphic design. I'm skilled with Adobe CC - After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro as well as Maxon Cinema 4D and Redshit. I am also familiar with Octane and Animate CC. I'm a BA Graphic Design graduate from Middlesex University, London (class 2018).

From January 2024, I'm free to freelance on projects that allow evening and weekend work in the GMT zone. :) I'm looking forward to helping your brand grow with my skills.

Some of my favourites:
• Gunner, Buck, AlreadyBeenChewed, Giant Ant, Sarofsky, Odd Fellows, Ordinary Folk, Animade, BluBlu, Moth, Nexus, Line, AKA, GMUNK, Golden Wolf, Man vs Machine, Scholar, David Ariew, Wednesday, Andrew Vucko, Sander van Dijck
• John Howe, Eyvind Earle, Wassily Kandinsky, Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Hayao Miyazaki

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