1. Daily UI #010 – Cocktail App "Social Share" principle animation app drinks cocktails 010 dailyui share social
    View Daily UI #010 – Cocktail App "Social Share"
    Daily UI #010 – Cocktail App "Social Share"
  2. Daily UI #009 – Music Player (gif) discography gif animation album principle songs list pause play music 009 dailyui
    View Daily UI #009 – Music Player (gif)
    Daily UI #009 – Music Player (gif)
  3. Daily UI #009 – Music Player album pause play songs groh caleb list track player music 009 dailyui
    View Daily UI #009 – Music Player
    Daily UI #009 – Music Player
  4. Daily UI #008 – Choose Your Own 404 page 🏰 cyoa adventure own your choose page 404
    View Daily UI #008 – Choose Your Own 404 page 🏰
    Daily UI #008 – Choose Your Own 404 page 🏰
  5. Daily UI #007 – Sharing Settings invite collaborators permissions access 007 dailyui settings sharing share
    View Daily UI #007 – Sharing Settings
    Daily UI #007 – Sharing Settings
  6. Daily UI #006 – User Profile roasters social light minimal ranking ratings brews coffee profile user
    View Daily UI #006 – User Profile
    Daily UI #006 – User Profile
  7. Daily UI #005 – Bottle Log App Icon 🍼 log drip feeding baby 005 dailyui icon app bottle milk
    View Daily UI #005 – Bottle Log App Icon 🍼
    Daily UI #005 – Bottle Log App Icon 🍼
  8. Daily UI #004 – Coffee Calculator measure water beans 004 dailyui brew calculator coffee
    View Daily UI #004 – Coffee Calculator
    Daily UI #004 – Coffee Calculator
  9. Daily UI #003 – Landing Page roasters coffee 003 dailyui page landing
    View Daily UI #003 – Landing Page
    Daily UI #003 – Landing Page
  10. Daily UI #002 – Credit Card Checkout credit card purchase secure visa payment checkout minimalist clean gradient daily 002 dailyui
    View Daily UI #002 – Credit Card Checkout
    Daily UI #002 – Credit Card Checkout
  11. Daily UI #001 – Sign Up sign up gif minimalist daily 001 dailyui
    View Daily UI #001 – Sign Up
    Daily UI #001 – Sign Up
  12. Featured Contributor Card follow minimal games playingthis contributor card
    View Featured Contributor Card
    Featured Contributor Card
  13. PlayingThis Menu Variations playingthis app menu header nav ui clean material dropdown web purple navigation
    View PlayingThis Menu Variations
    PlayingThis Menu Variations
  14. Dropdown Multiselect dropdown check list multi select multiselect ui form input search autocomplete choices
    View Dropdown Multiselect
    Dropdown Multiselect
  15. Dropdown checklist w/ autocomplete dropdown checklist autocomplete check filter search list multiple select choices input checkbox
    View Dropdown checklist w/ autocomplete
    Dropdown checklist w/ autocomplete
  16. Schedulist Buttons buttons components style guide app interface ui museo sans
    View Schedulist Buttons
    Schedulist Buttons
  17. FrontEndParty Alterations talks pink dark tabs avatars circles meetup event frontendparty details
    View FrontEndParty Alterations
    FrontEndParty Alterations
  18. Detail View details view messages sidebar subnav status web app clean sections interface ui
    View Detail View
    Detail View
  19. D3.js d3 js d3.js data data vis visualizations graphs charts article blog post
    View D3.js
  20. A New Save Icon save icon iconography new commit article blog jekyll post
    View A New Save Icon
    A New Save Icon
  21. Initials 2 m s initials logo branding mark geometry cube ms personal geometric simple
    View Initials 2
    Initials 2
  22. Initials m s ms initials logo mark hexagon branding geometric shapes simple geometry personal
    View Initials
  23. About the Author jekyll arial author article blog circles avatar lora serif simple personal site post
    View About the Author
    About the Author
  24. Navigation Element Layouts navigation layout ui clean minimal wireframes choices questions submit next previous progress bar
    View Navigation Element Layouts
    Navigation Element Layouts
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