1. M + H Logo negative space bold color monogram identity design identity bold modern geometric logo design h m minimal branding logo design
    M + H Logo
  2. Wayfinding System bold rebrand identity retro map illustration transit map bus system bus wayfinding transit lines branding design
    Wayfinding System
  3. Fall Family Camping Logo nature icon logo design scouts boyscouts adventure badge lockup fall family camping campfire branding identity bold logo minimal illustration
    Fall Family Camping Logo
  4. Travel Icons pattern icon geometric illustration logo branding icon design traveling shapes bold minimal location pin stamp icons travel passport
    Travel Icons
  5. Boy Scouts of America design graphic design shapes geometric bold scout oath eagle lockup clean modern icon thick lines retro typography logo branding minimal illustration
    Boy Scouts of America
  6. My Kid is an Eagle Scout lockup clean bold identity logo campfire boy scouts eagle scout branding badge
    My Kid is an Eagle Scout
  7. Be Prepared lockup clean bold boy scouts be prepared stars icon branding logo minimal illustration
    Be Prepared
  8. Camp More, Worry Less shapes geometic clean bold minimal thick lines campfire tent badge logo fire camping camp scene illustration design
    Camp More, Worry Less
  9. Family Fun Fest Logo icon fun boy scouts bsa lockup stamp logo badge fest identity branding graphic design design
    Family Fun Fest Logo
  10. Family Fun Fest Logo bold color bold typogaphy type logos identity badge festival color fun fest lockup logo branding graphic design design
    Family Fun Fest Logo
  11. BSA Badge Play 70s tree badge lockup identity logos modern icon typography graphic design branding logo design
    BSA Badge Play
  12. Virtual Meeting Icon Illustrations branding icon homework list notebook vector minimal group wifi video computer ice people person speech light illustration icons business meeting
    Virtual Meeting Icon Illustrations
  13. Camp Scene boy scouts scouts logo lines graphic design illustration design tent moon tree green badge line art campfire camping camp monoline
    Camp Scene
  14. Scout Color Palette identity stamp orange green tree lockup camp badge pallette color scout boy scouts branding logo icon graphic design minimal illustration design
    Scout Color Palette
  15. The displeased feline, Caine modernist minimalist flat design character vector design procreate cats window cat retro illustration
    The displeased feline, Caine
  16. Cloud Character rain fun playful flat design character design character cloud retro clean modern design illustration minimal graphic design vector
    Cloud Character
  17. Be The Sunshine character design character playful sunny sun icon shapes clean 70s retro modern graphic design minimal illustration design
    Be The Sunshine
  18. Character Portrait fun playful flat design character design modern icon graphic design illustration minimal design
    Character Portrait
  19. Design For Good Mask Challenge challenge character covid-19 facemask face covid vector color retro design illustration minimal lettering talk hello mask lips
    Design For Good Mask Challenge
  20. Mühle // Nine Men's Morris minimalism modernist modernism vintage german old packaging old game muhle game rules game design board game icon logo retro graphic design minimal illustration design
    Mühle // Nine Men's Morris
  21. LOVE ME DO music 70s 60s retro song valentines love beatles lyrics lines minimal illustration design
  22. Love Letters stationery snail mail stamps love letter love stamp mail letter modern geometric vector minimal illustration design
    Love Letters
  23. Love Letter lyrics envelope movies wedding singer mail fun valentines stamp letter love illustration design
    Love Letter
  24. Grease. It's got a groove, it's got a meaning. pennant logo design logo films texture geometric flat vintage art school flagpole flag icon design icon movie grease retro illustration design
    Grease. It's got a groove, it's got a meaning.
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