1. Patient portal dashboard delivery e commerce healthcare material medication minimal orange orders patient payment pharmacy physicians platform prescriptions product service steps user experience user interface
    View Patient portal
    Patient portal
  2. Trading Dashboard charts dashboard data design educational green oranges pink red stocks trading ui user experience user interface visualization warm
    View Trading Dashboard
    Trading Dashboard
  3. In-store sales tool dashboard design e commerce interface material minimal mobile platform product purple retail table user experience user inteface
    View In-store sales tool
    In-store sales tool
  4. Marketing Platform animation application blue charts dashboard design marketing material platform product user experience user interface
    View Marketing Platform
    Marketing Platform
  5. Digital Transformation Dashboard b2b blue charts dashboard material platform saas software stats user experience user interface
    View Digital Transformation Dashboard
    Digital Transformation Dashboard
  6. IT Dashboard b2b blue dashboard devices green hardware material platform saas software user experience user interface
    View IT Dashboard
    IT Dashboard
  7. Employees Tracking b2b blue dashboard design employee tracking material platform product saas table user experience user interface
    View Employees Tracking
    Employees Tracking
  8. Web platform for architects activity architecture blue collaboration dark dashboard material platform portal saas user experience user interface
    View Web platform for architects
    Web platform for architects
  9. Healthcare Quote Form (WIP) app blue cards form health healthcare minimal product quote red user experience user interface
    View Healthcare Quote Form (WIP)
    Healthcare Quote Form (WIP)
  10. Retail web platform dashboard dashboard design e commerce material platform product red retail table user experience user interface yellow
    View Retail web platform dashboard
    Retail web platform dashboard
  11. Web Platform Dashboard clean dashboard design management material media minimal news platform user experience user interface
    View Web Platform Dashboard
    Web Platform Dashboard
  12. Hair Salons mobile app animation app booking cards design filter kuwait material minimal mobile navigation search
    View Hair Salons mobile app
    Hair Salons mobile app
  13. The birth of an Eagle animal animation blue branding design eagle geometric gif logo minimal motion purple
    View The birth of an Eagle
    The birth of an Eagle
  14. Product Discovery - Pitch deck app branding discovery logo mobile pitch presentation product web
    View Product Discovery - Pitch deck
    Product Discovery - Pitch deck
  15. Clark the clerk! colorful cute flat illustration sweet
    View Clark the clerk!
    Clark the clerk!
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