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by Mike Bruner

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Lion lamb stain glass

Lion Lamb_Stain Glass

taking another look an an older Lion&Lamb design and toying with a stain glass approach with it. Not there, but I think its got some potential.

August 26, 2013

Lion lamb crest drib

Lion Lamb Crest

Here is where the final on this lion+lamb crest is going. Can't say much more on it, but will load more when final is done.

March 08, 2013

Lion lamb dribble

Lion Lamb Dribbble

The client is not going in this direction, but I felt I was getting closer to a final that might have worked nicely. We are pursuing one of the other directi...

January 04, 2013

Lion lamb 4

Lion Lamb 4

one more style I'm exploring. Just placed an attachment that I think helps the lamb play a better visual roll in the design. Cekc it out: http://dribbble.com...

December 14, 2012

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Lion lamb 2

Lion Lamb 2

another possible direction.

December 13, 2012

Lion lamb

Lion Lamb

very early stages yet, but working on another lion-lamb combo. See it? any feed back appreciated.

December 12, 2012